mountain trees

Turf Installation

The installation of turf can be applied in several different ways. The instant gratification of sod installation is a possibility. The normal operation of seeding and strawing can be applied. A Hydro-seed mulch and seed combination is an option. Matting or other erosion control methods are also an option if the situation presents itself. Turf […]


Indoor Plantings

Mountain Advantage can assist with any indoor plantings that you may have. Installation and maintenance of indoor plantings can be quite different in a “controlled” environment. There are many advantage to a controlled environment, but a mismanaged environment can lead to many issues also. We can assist you with the installation or the maintenance of […]

water management

Grading and Drainage

Water and surface runoff should be the first and most important aspect of the property considered regardless of property function. With the slopes and large rains that we can see at times in our region, drainage should be first and foremost when planning the grading and mountain landscaping around a home. Whether you have water […]