Mulching is a major component of most landscapes and has many benefits for the health of the plants, aesthetics of the landscape, and control of weeds. Mulch that has been properly stored and aged, is applied at a 2”-3” depth. Annual mulching helps contribute to the organic matter content of the soils, it helps suppress weeds from growing, and it also helps keep soil temperatures from creeping too high in the hot of summer. With these benefits, mulch also helps retain moisture and does not compete with tree and shrub roots for water. The root zone for the trees and shrubs maintains a healthy temperature, increases nutrient content from year to year, retains moisture, and suppresses weed growth, not to mention giving your landscape a dramatic contrast in color as a back drop for your lawn, trees, and shrubs.

Along with mulching, where it is needed, Mountain Advantage maintains a nice definitive bed edge around each bed each year to help contain mulch within the bed. We create an earth edge with a 4”-5” lip to create separation of mulch and lawn space to give mowers ample space to fluently mow around bed space.